Epic Journeys; Coast to Coast, Canada with Via Rail

The term ‘epic journey’ is probably bandied about too often, but travelling from Halifax on the Atlantic coast of Canada ...

“True adventurers do not need to seek adventures, adventures will eventually find them”

This site is about travel experiences, discovering a world through cultural immersion, and an attitude for adventure. This aim of this travelogue is to share these adventures through story telling and vibrant, evocative photography. You won’t find endless lists here, just engaging narrative, and tips to help get the most out of every trip. If […]

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The beautiful sites of the Aveyron – Itinerary

I will be joining a group of prominent bloggers for a short trip to the lovely region of the Aveyron, in France for the period 1-3 October, 2014. This is the organised by Tourisme Aveyron in association with Magellan PR, and is the same area as my first ever press trip in 2011, so returning […]

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Working Together; Bloggers and PR Agents

New media has been around for several years now, and blogging has become accepted by many agencies as a practical tool to promote their product. Professional bloggers are now charging for their services, and providing an excellent return on investment for clients that are employing their services. Mallory on Travel, has been fortunate enough to […]

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Kihnu, Cultural Time Warp in Estonia

Waiting at the small ferry port of Munalaid, Estonia for a boat to take me to the island of Kihnu in the Gulf of Riga, the tone seemed set for the visit. Asking around, the few people present didn’t speak English, and weren’t able to offer any advice regarding the journey to the island. Eventually a […]

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Bird Stalking Adventures on the River Goyt

Carrying a camera everywhere is sensible for photographers, and bloggers. There are few more disappointing moments for a photographer, than missing a great opportunity; recording special moments is what they live for. For that reason my Samsung compact accompanies me everywhere, a constant companion, including when walking the dogs along the nearby River Goyt. This is a favourite […]

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Postcards from Sunrise in the Sultanate

Grabbing the camera, already setup on the tripod, and heading out to the balcony, the hazy sunrise over the peaks of Jabal Shams, in the Sultanate of Oman provided good reason to smile. We were staying at the aptly named “The View”, an Indian owned resort which overlooks the town of Al Hamra, and treats […]

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More Joy of Souks; Nizwa, Oman

Souks (souqs) are vibrant, colourful spectacles, filled with wondrous aromas, chaos, and excitement when bartering for new treasure. These are just some of the joys of souks. From Nizwa, Oman to Essaouira, Morocco they provide an opportunity to experience a taste of the culture of the destination. They assail the senses, walled labyrinths of sound, with […]

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Winnipeg, Canada; The Canadian Museum of Human Rights

If there is one thing I may live to regret, it’s missing the opening of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg. The opening ceremonies, were just a few days ago, and must have been  well worth the wait. I was fortunate enough to visit in June this year, none of the exhibits were […]

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