Epic Journeys; Coast to Coast, Canada with Via Rail

The term ‘epic journey’ is probably bandied about too often, but travelling from Halifax on the Atlantic coast of Canada ...

“True adventurers do not need to seek adventures, adventures will eventually find them”

This site is about travel experiences, discovering a world through cultural immersion, and an attitude for adventure. This aim of this travelogue is to share these adventures through story telling and vibrant, evocative photography. You won’t find endless lists here, just engaging narrative, and tips to help get the most out of every trip. If […]

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Planning A Winter Road Trip in Iceland

Guest post by Alison Bailey It’s Iceland, it’s December,  it’s cold and snowing, having spent several days holed up in Reykjavik courtesy of a hurricane Iain and I are planning to escape, and circumnavigate the island. Originally intending to drive anticlockwise around Route N1, a circular road that makes a circuit of the island possible, but the weather wasn’t […]

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The Land Rover Experience at Eastnor Castle

“Just ease the vehicle over the edge, down the hill, and remove your foot from the brake” were the words of advice offered by Rob, my LandRover Experience guide at Eastnor Castle. The idea is to allow the on-board electronics and hill descent control system of the Discovery 4 do it’s thing, and descend the […]

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Balancing The Budget; Living With Travelling

I am fortunate to be a professional travel blogger. This allows me to visit both exotic, and adventurous destinations, staying in high-end hotels, villas, or lodges with the expenses covered by the client. This hasn’t always been the case, like most people I have had to balance paying my everyday living costs with a passion […]

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Chasing Light in Winter Iceland; Road to Kirkjufell

Even as the busy roads, and bright lights of Reykjavik receded in the rear view mirror of the rental car, the inky blackness of wild Iceland beckoned ahead. It was already after 8am, and yet the tight grip of night would not loosen for nearly two hours. This is winter in Iceland, a short window […]

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Postcard of Icelandic Horses; Symbols of Hardiness

Iceland sometimes appears the home of the hardy adventurer, the Viking spirit seems alive, and well in the Land of Fire, and Ice. Icelanders cope admirably with difficult conditions, short days, harsh winters, geothermal activity, including erupting volcanoes, and earthquakes shaping them into a resilient race, which truly seems to laugh in the face of hardship. […]

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Finding Accommodation with Villas.com

Guest post by Alison Bailey Visiting a city, but need help finding accommodation? Searching for something slightly different away from the normal hotels, self-catering, with more flexibility, possibly dog friendly, well, more! Consider Villas.com which don’t just book villas, but also apartments, cottages, holiday homes, and chalets throughout Europe. There is wide variety of cool independent properties available, couples, […]

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A Pilgrim’s Way in Conques, The Aveyron

The mid-afternoon autumnal sun was shining down on St. Foy Abbey, Conques, in the Aveyron, France, from our high viewpoint, it appeared bathed in golden light. The imposing abbey stood proud in the centre of the small village, the triple spires towering over the tiled roofs, and narrow, cobbled side streets. The cobbles worn smooth, […]

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