Epic Journeys; Coast to Coast, Canada with Via Rail

The term ‘epic journey’ is probably bandied about too often, but travelling from Halifax on the Atlantic coast of Canada ...

“True adventurers do not need to seek adventures, adventures will eventually find them”

This site is about travel experiences, discovering a world through cultural immersion, and an attitude for adventure. This aim of this travelogue is to share these adventures through story telling and vibrant, evocative photography. You won’t find endless lists here, just engaging narrative, and tips to help get the most out of every trip. If […]

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Wild Side of Estonia Itinerary; 18 – 22 September, 2014

It’s with a great deal of anticipation that I will be visiting Estonia on an individual media trip over the period 18 – 22 September, 2014. The trip was organised by the Estonia Tourism Board, and was first discussed October, last year. Finally I’m going, and it’s very exciting visiting for the first time. Tallinn, the capital […]

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Oman Media Trip 12- 16 September 2014

I’m extremely excited to return to a favourite destination over the period Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th September, 2014. This trip is being organised by the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism, and will include several talented writers, and photographers. Oman has the tagline “Beauty has and address”, and I think this is appropriate, it is a […]

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Postcards from an Urban Sunset, Cape Town

Spectacular sunsets usually bring thoughts of silhouetted surfers, island palm trees, or reflections in mountain lakes to mind. Cityscapes are often equally impressive however, and not necessarily just skylines of towering, reflective glass monoliths. These cloud formations over Cape Town, South Africa, produced one of the most memorable sunsets I can remember. After meeting fur seals […]

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Afternoon Tea, and Narrow Boats; Quintessential England

Much is made of the lack of summer sun in the United Kingdom. so when it does appear it’s essential to make the most of it. At the slightest hint of some good weather, walking boots get dusted off, mountain bikes dragged out, dogs get longer than usual walks, and some people take to the canals in narrow […]

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Reykjavik, Iceland, My kind of Destination

Guest post by Alison Bailey Reykjavik was the June destination of the Flybe inaugural flight from Birmingham, providing my first taste of Iceland. Before leaving, I took the opportunity to walk around Reykjavík, to explore the city, and enjoy some of the cultural institutions. Safe to say I’m impressed. Reykjavík is unlike any other city I […]

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Montreal Street Art; “Tales and Legends”

Street art is popular in Montreal, turning plain, boring buildings into colourful, and vibrant works of art. It even has a mural festival celebrating talented local artists, providing them with ample ‘canvases’ to showcase their work. This particular piece was one of the first I noticed when beginning a guided tour of the city, it’s […]

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Postcards from Yoga on the Hill, Ottawa

Even before setting foot in Halifax on the Atlantic coast of Canada, it was obvious the next six weeks travelling to Vancouver would provide many memories, and dozens of stories to share. Meeting inspiring, passionate people, learning about First Nation culture, and legends, discovering fantastic initiatives, that are bringing the culture alive for the purposes of […]

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