St Helena; Journeying to a remote South Atlantic Island

Journeying to St Helena, in the South Atlantic is one of the last, true voyages available. Although the building of an ...

“True adventurers do not need to seek adventures, adventures will eventually find them”

This site is about travel experiences, discovering a world through cultural immersion, and an attitude for adventure. This aim of this travelogue is to share these adventures through story telling and vibrant, evocative photography. You won’t find endless lists here, just engaging narrative, and tips to help get the most out of every trip. If […]

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Lighthouse Love on the Atlantic Coast, Canada

It’s easy to fall in love with lighthouses, they’re usually found in stunning locations, sitting high above crashing waves on rocky promontories. They seem to dominate the prime real estate market, built on the most desirable plots of land. It would be easy to spotlight beautiful lighthouses in the far-flung corners of the world, however after […]

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Postcards from a Sun Painted Caraquet Harbour

Sometimes, everything seems to fall into place, and with the dipping sun, over the quaint fishing harbour in Caraquet, New Brunswick this seemed one of those moments. The sun was playing hide and seek, sneaking in and out of the thick base of dark cumulonimbus clouds as it slowly slid towards the distant horizon. Painting the sky […]

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Arctic Iceland; A Photographers Delight at 64° North

Guest post by Alison Bailey Three days is not nearly enough time to explore Iceland, but this is all the time we had to grab a slice of what the island has to offer. There is plenty to see, and experience, so much that I’m planning a personal trip to explore at leisure. Quite simply I’m hooked. […]

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Bald Eagles in Flight; The Prince Rupert Airshow

The BC sky was filled with feathered dive-bombers, swooping, diving, cartwheeling and sweeping low over shallow waves, Prince Rupert, raptor squadron reporting to entertain. Dozens of bald eagles provided a spectacular display, rivalling any international airshow, their acrobatics the envy of even the most skilled pilots; an elegant dance in the sky. Every passenger was on the […]

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Postcards from Bow Lake, The Canadian Rockies

When the weather is calm, with little or no wind there are few more stunning views than the steep-sided, craggy mountains which seem to sprout directly out of Bow Lake. Their mirror image perfectly reflected in the placid waters of the clear blue lake at their base, providing additional symmetrical depth to the already impressive […]

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Walking Through History in Cantabria, Spain

Guest post by Alison Bailey The Northern coast of Spain is rich in history. The geography is ideally suited to seafaring activities, there is ready access to the Bay of Biscay, and Santander has played a major part in shaping European history. Cantabria’s history goes back further than man’s first attempts to tame the sea, much further. […]

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Postcards from a Beautiful New Brunswick Church

There is a simple beauty to the small town churches of Canada, and the ones on the eastern shores in particular seem to embody this understated appeal. The New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia wooden built churches, usually have single tall spires reaching high into blue skies, marbled with streaky nimbus clouds having a distinct charm […]

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