“True adventurers do not need to seek adventures, adventures will eventually find them”

This site is about travel experiences, discovering a world through cultural immersion, and an attitude for adventure. This aim of this travelogue is to share these adventures through story telling and vibrant, evocative photography. You won’t find endless lists here, just engaging narrative, and tips to help get the most out of every trip. If you’re looking for adventures; you’ll find them here!

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It’s all about the experience

In the modern commercial age  of online travel websites, guidebooks, independent flight booking, accommodation and many other resources, independent travellers have far more options for organising their own trips than ever before.

Adventure travel is a rapidly growing market but being adventurous is an attitude, and not something which is merely be paid for on an all-inclusive package. Being intrepid does not necessarily mean taking risks, it is about exploring and finding excitement in any destination or situation.

I’m certain an organised adrenaline packed “adventure” will be overflowing with excitement. Choosing this style of adventure is a convenient way to satisfy a need for thrills and spills.

Reputable adventure travel companies offer an essential service. They will offer all the organisation, and paramount importance being given to safety by any worthwhile company. They will have top quality equipment available and most risks being imagined rather than real.

My aim is to encourage readers to think about travel, guided by their own common sense, needs and conscience, to enjoy the experience. Becoming independent, and finding adventure on your own terms. This is relative and for those with the necessary instincts; adventurous spirit, natural curiosity, good observation skills and a little patience adventures will never be far away!

Join me in exploring the World one step at a time and finding adventure in the everyday, every day!

“Travel with the eyes of a child and the World will never cease to offer excitement”

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The whole world to explore