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Yak butter tea and added bonus!

Adventures in Budget Travel – Calculating the Risk Factor

“Finding adventures; My comfort zone is being outside of the comfort zone” The activities of hitch-hiking, Couchsurfing, tripping, staying in hostels, camping or sleeping in a hammock do not suit all. There are safety and hygiene risks attached to some and those more comfortable with a luxury spa than a bowline may still prefer to […]

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Adventures in Couchsurfing

For those unfamiliar with Couchsurfing it is a global network of travellers which are either prepared to offer a place to sleep or looking for some accommodation. It provides thousands of people with a cheap place for the night and often some great tips within the destination too. There are some considerations to be taken […]

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Surfing paradise

The Procrastinators Guide to CouchSurfing

Those that have an active imagination are probably picturing delinquent children riding their parent’s expensive sofa on the tidal bore of the local river. Some others on the other hand may think ‘couchsurfing’ is a trendy new term for those of us that spend far too long on computers. Couchsurfing however for those not acquainted […]

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