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How Large are the rooms at the Mauna Lani Resort?

Discovering the spacious luxury of accommodations with room to breathe.

If you’re asking to ‘write me a blog post on the topic of how large the rooms are at the Mauna Lani Resort,’ you’re in luck. Travelers value spacious accommodations, and Mauna Lani doesn’t disappoint. From airy guest rooms to opulent estates, this blog post will explore the room sizes that set this resort apart, giving you the clarity needed to make your booking decision with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • Mauna Lani Resort offers a variety of spacious room options, from 667 sq ft guest rooms to 4,000 sq ft bungalows, all designed with luxury and comfort in mind.
  • The resort emphasizes natural light and open-concept layouts in its design, using indigenous materials and earthy tones to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and connect guests with the Hawaiian landscape.
  • With room sizes larger than many luxury resorts locally and globally, Mauna Lani caters to families and groups through connecting rooms, family-friendly amenities, and personalized experiences.

Room Size and Comfort at Mauna Lani Resort

Spacious guest room at Mauna Lani Resort with ocean view

Upon arrival at the Mauna Lani Resort, you are immediately enveloped by an atmosphere of tranquility and expansive beauty. This resort takes great pride in its ability to offer sumptuous accommodations, which include spacious rooms complemented by privileged access to exclusive amenities. Guests are welcomed with airy, contemporary-designed guest rooms as well as opulent private estates—each designed to provide a lavish and comfortable experience that underscores the luxury of Mauna Lani.

The resort houses more than 300 sophisticated guest rooms and suites, ensuring a broad selection is available for guests with varied tastes and needs. But what truly sets Mauna Lani apart from other Hawaiian resorts isn’t just the extensive variety—it’s the exceptional quality inherent in each room that establishes this place as one of Hawaii’s most prestigious resorts.

Guest Rooms

Luxurious guest room with floor-to-ceiling windows at Mauna Lani Resort

At Mauna Lani Resort, the guest accommodations are crafted to highlight their capacious design, creating havens of grandeur and comfort. Imagine yourself waking up to the captivating light of early morning streaming in through expansive window walls that lead out onto your own private lanai, presenting majestic views over the Pacific Ocean’s expanse. Indeed, more than 90% of these rooms offer such ocean vistas, affording every visitor—from solo wanderers to couples—a secluded boutique ambiance not commonly found across other Hawaiian resorts.

Each room spans up to a generous 667 square feet and features decor inspired by nature’s palette for utmost relaxation catered toward guests’ contentment — an ideal oasis following a day spent discovering what the Hawaiian Islands have on offer or touching down at nearby Kona International Airport on Hawaii Island itself.

Suites and Residences

Oceanfront two-bedroom residence at Mauna Lani Resort

The accommodations at Mauna Lani, encompassing both suites and residences, cater especially well to either families or individuals who desire ample space for relaxation. These living quarters are purposefully crafted with the needs of family stays in mind, providing expansive lounges and several restrooms that comfortably accommodate bigger parties. At the pinnacle of luxury are The Private Beachfront Residences. Secluded beach-adjacent villas characterized by their opulent interiors.

Within this selection, the Auberge Resorts Collection showcases an array of sumptuous lodging options such as:

  • The Ocean View Residence with two bedrooms which includes three restrooms along with its own private pool – all delivering a sweeping view over the ocean exclusively available to its occupants.
  • The premium oceanfront two-bedroom residences also come complete with dedicated butler services.
  • There’s the grandiose Lani Estate capable of hosting 12 to 15 guests where they can enjoy features like an infinity-edge swimming pool, exterior grilling area for cookouts, plus a state-of-the-art media room tailored for entertainment.


Secluded bungalow with private pool at Mauna Lani Resort

Individuals seeking the pinnacle of seclusion and sophistication will discover their aspirations fulfilled at Mauna Lani’s two-bedroom bungalows. Spanning an impressive 4,000 square feet, these opulent dwellings are crafted with impeccable taste to deliver a living experience that is both grandiose and inviting. Each bungalow features its own private entrance, personal pools, and immediate access to the beach—providing unparalleled privacy and exclusivity on the island.

These spacious abodes encompass lavish indoor and outdoor realms equipped with private pools, spas, and tennis courts—a perfect setting for large groups in search of a venue where cherished moments can be created.

Design and Décor: Enhancing Spaciousness

Open-concept layout with natural light at Mauna Lani Resort

Mauna Lani Resort has invested $200 million in a renovation, showcasing its dedication to creating not just an ample space but an expansive sensation. Indigenous materials are elegantly woven into the design of each room at Mauna Lani, fostering a connection with the natural landscape and enhancing the feeling of vastness.

The resort’s bathrooms radiate tropical elegance and their generous dimensions contribute significantly to cultivating an ambiance that exudes luxury while embracing guests in an open-hearted manner. This renovation project draws inspiration from the design ethos of luxury accommodations in Costa Rica, notably the work of the design firm behind the Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo, blending the best of both worlds to redefine luxury and comfort.

Natural Light and Open-Concept Layouts

The resort’s core principle of open design is most strikingly realized in the guest accommodations, which feature spacious and interconnected living areas that lead effortlessly out to private lanais. This arrangement ensures a fluid transition from indoor comfort to outdoor serenity, while natural light floods each space, accentuating the expansive feel of every room.

In rooms facing the ocean, dramatic windows stretch from floor to ceiling, intensifying this sensation by not only providing guests with unobstructed views but also bathing them in abundant sunlight that highlights the airy layout. The lanai extends this theme of openness outdoors. Creating a seamless integration between interior spaces and Hawaii’s scenic beauty. Reflecting these elements is the open-air lobby. Contributing to an immersive experience for guests within this atmosphere of transparency and connection with nature.

Earthy Tones and Organic Materials

The interior design of Mauna Lani’s rooms, through its material selection and color scheme, mirrors the stunning environment of the resort. The use of local materials integrates seamlessly with nature’s aesthetic, contributing to an ambiance that enhances both space and comfort in each room. Organic textures paired with a palette inspired by earthy tones contribute to a calming setting within.

This purposeful blend between natural elements and architectural craftsmanship provides guests at the resort an experience filled with refined luxury. Aligning effortlessly with Costa Rica’s peaceful coastal vibe, it offers an exquisite retreat for those seeking a surf shack haven complete with alluring elegance.

Comparing Room Sizes: Mauna Lani vs. Other Luxury Resorts

The Mauna Lani Resort places a high value on spaciousness, ensuring that guests enjoy more room than what’s typically found at luxury accommodations on the Big Island. The resort stands out with guest rooms beginning at 630 square feet in size, eclipsing the usual 500 to 600 square-foot dimensions available at other resorts across Hawaii’s island.

The grandeur of Mauna Lani is Exemplified by its suites which offer an expansive living experience of up to 4,000 square feet. This level of space sets a new standard for opulence and comfort beyond what similar upscale resorts on the island have to offer.

Big Island Comparison

Room dimensions at luxury resorts on the Big Island can differ considerably, yet Mauna Lani’s selections are notably impressive. Take Aulani Resort as an example: their standard room encompasses 382 square feet, while Disney Vacation Club Deluxe Studios have approximately 356 square feet to offer. For those visiting with larger parties or families, options at Aulani Resort feature:

  • Villas of one bedroom surpassing the 750-square-foot mark
  • Two-bedroom Villas that stretch beyond 1,100 square feet
  • The vast Grand Villa which includes three bedrooms and extends over an extravagant space of more than 2,100 square feet.

Should you opt for a one-bedroom suite at Aulani, it provides over 750 square feet. Meanwhile, its prestigious Signature One-Bedroom Suite occupies a generous area exceeding 1,500 square feet complemented by sweeping views of the ocean—illustrating some of the most opulent and spacious accommodations available within the resort.

Global Luxury Resort Comparison

Mauna Lani enjoys a worldwide reputation for offering ample living spaces in its accommodations. The standard rooms at Mauna Lani are exceptionally large, surpassing the dimensions of many upscale hotel rooms found in metropolitan cities such as New York or San Francisco. The expansive residences and bungalows provided by Mauna Lani can rival or even outstrip the size of many luxurious vacation rentals and resort lodgings across the United States.

On an international level, this resort’s room sizes eclipse those found within numerous high-end Parisian hotels that typically provide between 250 to 400 square feet of space. These rooms also hold their own when compared with luxury Maldivian villas which have footprints ranging from about 1,300 to 1,500 square feet. When set side by side with opulent Dubai hotels or broad villa accommodations in Bali, the spaciousness offered by Mauna Lani is evident and impressive—solidifying its standing as a premier destination for substantial comfort among world travelers who appreciate generously proportioned lodging options.

Maximizing Space for Multi-Generational Families

Understanding the importance of creating lasting memories in welcoming environments, Mauna Lani tailors its amenities for family enjoyment. The resort boasts a canoe house, a private beach, and pools with infinity edges overlooking the ocean—ideal spots where families of multiple generations can come together to relish collective experiences.

Mauna Lani is fully prepared to provide an unparalleled stay for every family by offering facilities like the Holoholo Kids Crew club that hosts complimentary activities designed specifically for kids as well as spacious multi-bedroom residences and exclusive estates suitable for extensive family get-togethers.

Connecting Rooms and Suites

At Mauna Lani, the availability of interconnected rooms and suites is a key benefit for families traveling together. The provision of such spaces offers an improved experience by ensuring that guests can enjoy both communal living areas as well as personal space, which is particularly advantageous for extended family gatherings. A prime example is the Oceanfront One Bedroom Suite, boasting expansive quarters that include two separate lanais and opportunities to link additional rooms for even more space.

The resort’s accommodations are generously proportioned, with various choices including family suites designed to comfortably fit larger groups of relatives. For an opulent family get-together experience, guests may choose The Lani Estate — capable of hosting between 12 and 15 visitors complete with amenities like an infinity pool and designated area for outdoor entertainment tailored specifically toward families.

Family-Friendly Amenities

At Mauna Lani, the emphasis is on enriching family vacations with a multitude of amenities designed to delight families. The Holoholo Kids Crew club, offered at no additional cost and known simply as the kids club, delivers an engaging line-up of activities for children between 5-12 years old. These include programs that foster cultural understanding, nurture creativity and promote awareness of the environment. When summer arrives, dining becomes even more accommodating for families. Children dine free at resort restaurants—enhancing vacation value significantly.

Nestled on the picturesque Kohala Coast, Mauna Lani’s beachfront is a paradise where families can enjoy aquatic pastimes such as snorkeling or kayaking and relax with swimming sessions in its gentle waters—a destination truly fitting both young ones and grown-ups alike. The resort boasts spacious areas designated for play filled with oversized lawn games among other things, providing numerous opportunities for relatives to come together in enjoyable pursuits suitable across generations.

Cultural authenticity marks evenings spent at Hale Hoaloha’s traditional L’au—one cannot miss when staying here—which offers families not just an opportunity to feast, but also lessons rich in Hawaiian heritage through hula performances and fire dancing spectacles uniquely intertwining education within their recreational offerings.

Enhancing Your Stay: Tips for Choosing the Right Room Size

Choosing the right room size at Mauna Lani plays a crucial role in meeting personal requirements and improving the entire experience. Renowned for blending refined luxury with genuine Hawaiian culture, this resort offers tailored lodging options that significantly enhance every visitor’s stay.

Traveling Solo or as a Couple

Individuals and pairs seeking a peaceful retreat will appreciate the roomy accommodations of our Ocean View Rooms and Deluxe Ocean Front Rooms. Each space is thoughtfully appointed with its own private lanai, providing additional area for repose alongside magnificent views that elevate any stay for those traveling alone or in pairs. The lavish spread of square footage fused with opulent amenities attests to a commitment to personal comfort, as seen in the expansive bathrooms equipped with soaking tubs designed for ultimate relaxation.

To enhance their visit Solo adventurers or couples hosting up to two guests have the opportunity to benefit from exclusive room rates and packages specifically crafted for their circumstances. These offers present an intimate and value-oriented option tailored precisely for their lodging requirements.

Group Getaways

Families and larger groups seeking a perfect retreat for their vacation will discover that the opulent suites at Mauna Lani are designed to meet their needs. These accommodations boast:

  • Spacious living areas
  • High-end amenities
  • As much as 1,040 square feet of room
  • Sweeping scenic views

With the convenience of having all attractions and necessities within close proximity, these suites promise a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

For any occasion like family reunions, significant celebrations, or just an overdue getaway with loved ones, the resort’s facilities provide everything needed to make shared experiences truly memorable.


As we conclude our visit to the grand Mauna Lani Resort, it’s impossible not to admire its vast and elegant accommodations. From rooms designed with an eye for openness and luxury that surpass both local and international standards, Mauna Lani provides a variety of living spaces—from cozy guest quarters to majestic private bungalows or ample multi-bedroom estates—ensuring every type of traveler finds their comfort zone. Coupled with tailor-made services and activities suited for families, this resort transforms from mere lodging into an immersive Hawaiian encounter brimming with lasting memories. The promise at Mauna Lani is boundless indulgence in a place where elegance meets the infinite ocean waves—an invitation extended by the Lani resort awaits those yearning for more than just the commonplace retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of accommodations are available at Mauna Lani Resort?

At Mauna Lani Resort, a variety of lodging options are available to suit different needs and numbers of guests. This includes ample guest rooms, opulent suites, secluded residences, and large bungalows.

Have a delightful stay!

Can families traveling together find suitable accommodations at Mauna Lani?

Indeed, Mauna Lani caters to families on vacation by providing an array of accommodation choices such as adjoining rooms, expansive suites, residences with multiple bedrooms, and amenities tailored for family comfort like the Holoholo Kids Crew club.

This arrangement guarantees a pleasant and satisfying experience for every member of the family during their stay.

How do the room sizes at Mauna Lani compare to other luxury resorts?

At Mauna Lani, the dimensions of the rooms exceed those found at numerous other high-end resorts, providing guests with a luxurious and spacious environment that rivals top-tier lodgings globally in terms of expansive elegance and comfort.

Are there activities for children at Mauna Lani Resort?

Indeed, the Mauna Lani Resort provides young guests with a complimentary experience known as the Holoholo Kids Crew club. This initiative is designed for children between 5 to 12 years of age and offers a range of activities specifically curated to be both entertaining and informative for kids.

What tips are there for choosing the right room size at Mauna Lani?

Select a room that fits the requirements of your journey, opting for rooms with an ocean view for individuals or pairs traveling alone and considering deluxe suites or bungalows to accommodate bigger parties or families.

Explore various special rates and packages available for rooms to augment your tailored experience.

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